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Sold to more than 60 countries, based in Taiwan, Puli Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd. is a Paper Vase | wholesale paper products supplier that delivers eco-friendly, compostable, biodegradable, sustainable paper goods, since 1979.

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Fast shipping, reasonably priced paper goods that are provided in bulk for your home or office with high quality production process, Puli Paper has been offering customers wholesale paper products Floral Tape, Melamine Overlay Paper, Crepe Paper, Tea Bag Paper, Gift Tissue Paper, Corrugated Paper Craft, Filter Paper, Watermark Paper, Art Paper, Specialty Paper worldwide

With both advanced paper goods making technology and 39 years of experience, Puli Paper makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Paper Vase

Paper Vase Manufacturer, Puli Paper
Paper Vase Manufacturer, Puli Paper

Paper vases are light and fall-resistant, not heavy and easily breakable like porcelain or glass vases. They are ideal for flowers and home decorations.

Puli's paper vases are made from quality paper, following a detailed and complex manufacturing process. The final products have a smooth surface, reflecting a faint glimmer of light. The special texture and feel of the paper give the paper vase higher levels of beauty and quality. This sets them apart from robust vases made from pulp or vase covers made from art paper.

The smooth surface of paper vases can be painted on. Chinese and western styles can both add to the uniqueness of the paper vase, making each and every piece a one-of-a-kind artwork. It is an excellent choice for home decorations as well as gifts for others. It also serves as an ideal art class material. Besides plain, uncoated vases for personal creation, Puli also provides service for developing customized patterns, putting them on to the vases for mass production.

Puli Paper Hand Paitned Paper Flower Vase

Puli's paper vases come in a variety of colors and shapes for customization. In addition to plain white, there are other colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, and black. The shapes take inspiration from traditional Chinese ceramics like celestial sphere vases, gourd vases, plum vases, Yuhuchun vases, etc.

Our Paper Vases:

  • Fully designed and manufactured in Taiwan
  • Customized design development available
  • High quality and economic, with prices much lower than expensive porcelains
  • Strong and durable without damage or deformity even when dropped on the floor
  • Water resistant, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and recyclable
  • Light, easy to store, move, and set up
  • Various styles suitable for fresh or dry flowers
Puli Paper Vase is Easy to Carry  Puli Paper Vase is Drop and Bear  Puli Paper Vase is Water Resistant  Puli Paper Vase is Recyclable


  • Do not leave to be exposed outdoors for long periods of time to extend the vase's life expectancy
  • Avoid using the vase to hold water or soak vase in water

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Paper Flower Vase