Puli Paper company is a professional paper manufacturing company from Taiwan.

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  • Crepe Art Paper
    Crepe Art Paper

    Crepe Gift Wrapping Paper Crepe Art Paper is one kind of crepe paper that has tiny crinkles spread all over the paper sheet on both surface. The crinkles on this paper are rough to touch, which makes the paper a unique appearance different from smooth woodfree gift wrapping papers to bring your packaging and craft projects unique style. This crepe paper is produced with character of good elasticity, is pliable but strong, so that it popular for gift packaging as well as for craft, scrapbooking and origami projects. With soft pastel colors, there is a variety of designs for your selection, tree leave, meshes, spirals, waves, feathers.

  • Medical Tools Sterilization Wrapping Paper
    Medical Tools Sterilization Wrapping Paper

    Absorbent Paper for Sterilization Wrapping Paper for Sterilization use is one kind of crepe absorbent paper, it is tolerance to high temperature and moisture, and is very absorbent.

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