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Con sede en Taiwán, Puli Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., desde 1979, es un proveedor de papel Watermark que ofrece productos de papel ecológicos, compostables, biodegradables y sostenibles. Con tiempo y dedicación, Puli Paper es el mayor productor de papel especial en Taiwán y atiende a innumerables clientes en todo el mundo.

Vendido a más de 65 países, una amplia selección de productos de papel, que incluyen papel floral, papel para bolsitas de té, papel de marca de agua, papel para manualidades, papel corrugado, papel para envolver regalos, papel de superposición y suministros de papel artístico, también están disponibles productos de papel personalizados al por mayor. .

Envío rápido, productos de papel a precios razonables que se proporcionan a granel para su hogar u oficina con un proceso de producción de alta calidad, Puli Paper ha estado ofreciendo a los clientes productos de papel al por mayor, ambos con tecnología avanzada de fabricación de productos de papel y 41 años de experiencia, Puli Paper garantiza que cada uno se satisfacen las demandas del cliente.

Watermark Paper


Watermark Paper supplied by Puli Paper company is a paper with pattern created while papermaking, the pattern is embedded in the paper itself and it cannot be removed by any techniques or be copied by copier or scanner. Such characteristic makes watermark one of the used methods to identify the authenticity of a documents, but not limited to use this paper for anti-fake documents, it is popular also in gift wrapping market. Personalized designed can be created without further printing process after papermaking while the odor/chemical remained on paper from printing ink is concerned due to that may transfer onto the packed products. The other benefit is to environment protection; less processing less pollution

Personalized Wrapping Paper


Most this paper in our productions are used for packaging and for further processing of our customer's creative paper products. Unique watermark paper is always customized case by case, for further discussions, it is required following some information about your demands:

  • Artwork: logo, brand or design.
  • Paper size: available both on sheet and roll/reel.
  • Paper gsm: gsm can be customized, commonly 30gsm for gift wrap.
  • Paper color: only white/solid colors are available.
  • Purchase quantity: although there is a minimum quantity to start, we also can evaluate the possibility to start with your quantity.
  • If for a particular application, indicate your special requirements please.

Additional options: by request, functional security fluorescent/colored fibers can be added into the paper to enhance anti-fake function.


  • The paper is watermarked with pattern during paper manufacturing, the pattern can not be removed.
  • The watermarked pattern is visible when the paper is held up to the light, but not detectable to surface feel.
  • Customization is available.


  • Packaging projects: leather products, clothing products, shoes products, food products and so on.
  • Lamination: as decorative paper to laminate with color cardboard, for gift boxes/bags.
  • Coating: as base paper to coate with water resistant materails, for particular use.
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