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Based in Taiwan, Puli Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., since 1979, is a paper products supplier that delivers eco-friendly, compostable, biodegradable, sustainable paper goods. With time and dedication, Puli Paper is the largest producer of specialty paper in Taiwan and serves countless clients around the world.

Sold to more than 65 countries, a wide selection of paper goods, including floral paper, tea bag paper, watermark paper, craft paper, corrugated paper, gift wrapping paper, overlay paper and art paper supplies, customized wholesale paper products are available as well.

Fast shipping, reasonably priced paper goods that are provided in bulk for your home or office with high quality production process, Puli Paper has been offering customers wholesale paper products, both with advanced paper goods manufacturing technology and 43 years of experience, Puli Paper ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Melamine Overlay Paper
    Melamine Overlay Paper

    Puli Paper company produces some of the finest melamine overlay paper available on the market today. Perfect for applying illustrations to awkwardly shaped items, which would otherwise require special and expensive printing moulds; overlay paper is economical and easy to use.

  • Tea Bag Paper
    Tea Bag Paper

    Commonly referred to as "Tea bag Paper", this material has passed some of the most robust quality tests to meet international safety standards and regulations. In doing so, Puli Paper has been awarded with multiple certifications from SGS. The material used complies with requirements in the Directive on Plastic Materials and Articles intended to come into contact with Food stuff and EC / EEC Commission Directive for specific stimulants used. This paper is not limited to Tea Bags only, and offers various properties that can be applied to other food and/beverage applications. Perfect to be used as filters, the paper resists water deterioration and allows for submission to high temperatures.

  • Watermark Paper
    Watermark Paper

    Puli Paper company has developed the technological expertise to produce some of the most sophisticated paper products. Among many are watermark papers which allow clients to have their logo imprinted into the paper without chemical from printing for the catering business.

  • Gift and Art Paper
    Gift and Art Paper

    Available in all different colours and types of paper, standard, illustrated, crepe, mesh, recycled and much more, our wrapping paper allows the user to create artistic and attractive packages. Sizes can be custom cut to satisfy all client requirements. Puli Paper also offers non-chemical/printed paper for food related wrappings.

  • Corrugated Paper
    Corrugated Paper

    Puli Paper company produces some of the finest corrugated paper available on the market today. We offer different patterns and colours for multi-purposes, along with different thickness and sizes and may also provide our customers with product package samples for a better understanding of the potential this paper has to offer. Corrugated paper packages are particularly popular within the retail industry. Printing can be added.

  • Paper Craft
    Paper Craft

    Our paper craft item is a kind of paper art made of single face corrugated paper, it is a series of DIY craft kit branded as "Crazy Creation" for toys, decorations, art projects and so on. The idea of our craft kit is an easy DIY creative product simply made by rolling, pushing and gluing, for both adults and children to easily create or make unique paper models. Traditional toys and decorations are mostly made of wood, metal, ceramic or plastic materials, the discarded disposition will cause serious damage to environment. However, our "Crazy Creation" is safe and recyclable. In short, our products are safe with environmental protection concept, are creativity and enlightening. "Crazy Creation" can be developed to many creative products, such as paper figures, toys, stationeries, buildings and lovely animals, etc. It is an item good for educations and hobbies. We can provide personalized design service for our customers to fulfill their target markets. Puli Paper company has been manufacturing and exporting this series of paper craft kit since 2007, and established a tourism factory, Paper Dragon Handicrafts, for local market. We want the papermaking industry can be more educational and to continue to hundred years later. That's the reason Paper Dragon Handicrafts established.

  • Cosmetic Paper
    Cosmetic Paper

    Puli Paper Company is involved in manufacturing and supplying fine papers relative to cosmetics industry. The paper is made of 100% virgin pulp, fluorescence free, soft, and not easy to be torn when get wet.

  • Paper Vase
    Paper Vase

    Paper vases are light and fall-resistant, not heavy and easily breakable like porcelain or glass vases. They are ideal for flowers and home decorations. Puli's paper vases are made from quality paper, following a detailed and complex manufacturing process. The final products have a smooth surface, reflecting a faint glimmer of light. The special texture and feel of the paper give the paper vase higher levels of beauty and quality. This sets them apart from robust vases made from pulp or vase covers made from art paper. The smooth surface of paper vases can be painted on. Chinese and western styles can both add to the uniqueness of the paper vase, making each and every piece a one-of-a-kind artwork. It is an excellent choice for home decorations as well as gifts for others. It also serves as an ideal art class material. Besides plain, uncoated vases for personal creation, Puli also provides service for developing customized patterns, putting them on to the vases for mass production. Puli's paper vases come in a variety of colors and shapes for customization. In addition to plain white, there are other colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, and black. The shapes take inspiration from traditional Chinese ceramics like celestial sphere vases, gourd vases, plum vases, Yuhuchun vases, etc.

  • Chinese Xuan Paper
    Chinese Xuan Paper

    Puli Paper company not only produce innovative specialty papers, but also a wide array of machine-made Xuan paper (China paper) for all kinds of traditional Chinese cultural activity use.

  • Custom Paper
    Custom Paper

    In addition to standard products, Puli Paper Company also provides customized services. The features, color, thickness, pattern, and size of the paper can be made in accordance with clients' special needs. When you need something special, feel free to contact us for your needs with below basic information, so that we can have a primary evaluation of the availability, and we would have more questions for you if it seems the development project would be workable.

  • Floral Tape
    Floral Tape

    Floral Tape is made of crepe paper which is coated with sticky materials. It has strong elasticity, is an excellent choice for arrangements of fresh flowers, wired flowers and sugar flowers (fondant cake decorations), the colorful floral tape can blend well with the bouquets.

  • Covering Paper - Masking Paper for Floral Stem Wire
    Covering Paper - Masking Paper for Floral Stem Wire

    Masking Paper Tape we produced is a kind of non-self-adhesive tape, it is without stickiness, gluing is needed while wrapping this tape on floral stem wire. Puli Paper Company provided two choices for the tape quality, smooth surface and wrinkled surface. The tape with wrinkled surface is also named as crepe paper tape, such tape will provide extra elasticity during wrapping up the wire; while the extensibility of crepe paper tape is over 50 percent the smooth one is non. This tape we supplied is color bleeding resistant and has good tolerance to moisture, so that it will help your work goes well when coating the wire with the paper through gluing.

  • Melamine Overlay Paper
    Melamine Overlay Paper

    Melamine Overlay Paper is decor paper for melamine tableware. Puli Paper Company has been producing this paper since 1987, is one of the leading manufacturers in Taiwan. The paper we supplied is white/blank, is base paper for printing decoration designs on. Our paper is made from fine quality virgin wood pulp to ensure good and stable quality. We can supply this overlay paper also made from forest certified raw materials.

  • Tea Bag Paper
    Tea Bag Paper

    Tea bag paper is a kind of filter paper that has neutral odor and flavor characteristic; and features high wet strength, so that it is soft but will keep strong when get wet or be dipped into water. These properties make it a good choice to bag tea leave, herbal medicine and chewing tobacco. The paper supplied by Puli Paper company is a base paper to produce the filter bags; we can convert the paper into the sizes you need, but we do not supply the finished produced bags made of this paper. Our paper is heat-sealable, but it is also applicable for non-heat-sealable purposes.

  • Custom Watermark Paper
    Custom Watermark Paper

    Watermark Paper supplied by Puli Paper company is a paper with pattern created while papermaking, the pattern is embedded in the paper itself and it cannot be removed by any techniques or be copied by copier or scanner. Such characteristic makes watermark one of the used methods to identify the authenticity of a documents, but not limited to use this paper for anti-fake documents, it is popular also in gift wrapping market. Personalized designed can be created without further printing process after papermaking while the odor/chemical remained on paper from printing ink is concerned due to that may transfer onto the packed products. The other benefit is to environment protection; less processing less pollution.

  • Gift Shred
    Gift Shred

    Color paper shred is perfect gift filler provides decoration and protection to items, as well as for a variety of arts and crafts use. This item we supplied is not make of soft thin tissue paper, it is made of 60gsm sturdy paper, which makes it stiff enough to hold items in packaging and as a good cushion against shock in carry. Our paper shred is color-bleed resistant, and this feature will be a benefit to paper craft; while gluing is needed no color will run out from the paper shred to stain other items when the paper shred gets wet from the glue.

  • Waxed Floral Tissue Paper
    Waxed Floral Tissue Paper

    Waxed paper for florists produced by us is made of premium thin gift tissue paper, coating with wax to resist absorbing moisture. Wax coating makes the paper is more durable and keeps it from disintegrating when it gets wet, so that helps to maintain the beauty and freshness of floral arrangements and other goods that contain moisture. We have a variety of colors for your selections, and our colored wax paper is dyed with bleed-resistant procedures, the color of paper will not migrate or blend into other materials while moisture is contented inside the packaging that will make the paper gets wet.

  • Premium Colored Gift Tissue Paper
    Premium Colored Gift Tissue Paper

    Gift Tissue Paper is fine and thin a light weight paper that be used for gift packaging and art crafting. Puli Paper produce this paper with wood pulp, which is one hundred percent of virgin materials, to ensure its even quality, that our paper has smooth and uniform appearance, is slightly glossy look on face and matte on backside. Even, this gift tissue is dyed with color bleeding-resistant processing, the color will not transfer onto other items when get moisture, which is helpful for many occasions/applications.

  • Watermarked Gift Tissue Wrap
    Watermarked Gift Tissue Wrap

    Our lace paper is a kind of machine-made watermark paper, has highly see-through textures on itself, which create it a mesh look with circle holes, strips and waves across the paper sheet. This paper is made from a mix of strong fibers, which lets it remains strong even when it gets moisture or be immersed in water, the paper will not be easily tore start from the edges of its watermarked textures. The characteristic of water tolerance makes this series of paper not only a daily gift wrapping paper but also a good packaging material for the item that contains moisture, such as bouquet of fresh flowers and potted plants.

  • Crepe Art Paper
    Crepe Art Paper

    This crepe paper for gift wrapping features tiny creases spread all over the paper sheet on both sides, the crease is hardly visible but rough to touch. Tiny creases make this paper a unique property effects on the outcome of colors from printing; due to the uneven surface, colors printed on paper perform pastel and puny cracks, and then leave a natural look on the paper. Such characteristic makes our crepe paper an attractive style different from the often-seen gift wraps made from smooth woodfree papers. This paper is unstretchable, is not the crepe paper to make paper flowers, but with its good flexibility, it is pliable and strong to be easy shaped and to fit any items be wrapped.

  • Crumpled Paper
    Crumpled Paper

    Crumpled Paper is an interesting paper for gift wrapping and crafting, as this paper has machine embossed walnut like texture all over on its both sides. We produce this paper with a characteristic of bleeding resistant to prevent the color transfers onto other items when it gets wet, this feature is much helpful for bouquet designs and for crafting where needs to apply glues on the paper. This embossed paper is very popular in the market, since the simple design makes it wide applications that can be used for; gift packaging, bouquet wrapping, art and crafts projects, scrapbooking and decorations, it is basically an everyday gift paper for any occasions.

  • E Flute Colored Corrugated Paper Sheet
    E Flute Colored Corrugated Paper Sheet

    This corrugated paper is consisting of a E fluted corrugated sheet and a flat backboard. The fluted layer makes this paper rigid and flexible, is easy to fold, to cut and to roll it up, so it is a popular paper material for arts and crafts, school projects and scrapbooking, such as 3D model making, collages, backgrounds, paper bags, gift boxes design etc. This paper is available with solid colors and printing of innovation designs, such as feathers, dots, mesh, wave, leaves, checkers and so on, custom design is also workable. It is commonly supplied in sheets of full size, but A4 size and retail packaging in a mixture of various colors can be customized.

  • F Flute Colored Corrugated Paper Sheet
    F Flute Colored Corrugated Paper Sheet

    This corrugated paper is F flute, is single face that consists of two layers of paper (an outer liner and fluting). It is a rigid but flexible paper, is easy to fold, to cut and to roll it up. It's a paper material good for arts, school projects, scrapbooking and for both kids and adults to do creative crafts. We have two coloring methods available for this paper, printing and dyeing. By printing process, the paper has color only on its both outer surfaces where white will leave on its internal surfaces (the surface that two layers of paper stick together). But through dyeing, the process will bring color on all over the paper; each fiber of the paper is colored and no white will appear on the paper sheet. The paper colored by the latter method is good for 3D model making, the made-up article will be upgraded in its appearance by using this kind of papers. We have paper craft kits in a various design which are made of this series of paper, and have the related supplies, E flute colored corrugated paper strips.

  • E Flute Colored Corrugated Paper Strips
    E Flute Colored Corrugated Paper Strips

    Corrugated paper strips are made of single face corrugated paper of E flute, it is easy to roll the strips up from its fluted layer, this makes it a paper material good for doing both 2D and 3D crafting. The strips are cut with a most popular width of 12mm, and it is easy to divide the strips into narrower widths of 6mm and 4mm (even smaller) just by using a pair of scissors; saving our time from cutting the big corrugated cardboard sheets into strips, and we will get the common colors from its multicolor pack, craft kit of corrugated paper strips we supplied is a convenient and economical item for paper crafting.

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