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Based in Taiwan, Puli Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., since 1979, is a Embossed Fancy Paper supplier that delivers eco-friendly, compostable, biodegradable, sustainable paper goods. With time and dedication, Puli Paper is the largest producer of specialty paper in Taiwan and serves countless clients around the world.

Sold to more than 65 countries, a wide selection of paper goods, including floral paper, tea bag paper, watermark paper, craft paper, corrugated paper, gift wrapping paper, overlay paper and art paper supplies, customized wholesale paper products are available as well.

Fast shipping, reasonably priced paper goods that are provided in bulk for your home or office with high quality production process, Puli Paper has been offering customers wholesale paper products, both with advanced paper goods manufacturing technology and 43 years of experience, Puli Paper ensures each customer's demands are met.

Embossed Fancy Paper


Our fancy paper is made from a mix of wood pulp and featured fibers, which brings better strength, folding endurance and toughness to the paper, so that this paper is applicable to complicated processing after paper making. Such as to paste it with a cardboard and then to shape the laminated paper material into gift boxes or notebook covers, to fold it into gift bags or envelopes, or just simply use this paper as an eye-catching gift wrapper since the delicate clearly-layered patterns on this paper are attractive.

This fancy paper is one kind of textured paper produced with embossing technique, its surface is uneven with delicate protruded and sunken effects. The embossed patterns are not boring bumps on the paper, they are fine patterns of gradated color changing within itself, such arrangement create a better quality of paper and upgrade its visual effect for packaging and decoration.

Color-bleeding would be a concerned issue to a paper used for gift packaging purposes, of course this fancy paper is bleeding resistant, it will not bring us a trouble of color stains when the paper gets wet from water or glue. Puli Paper company has a wide variety of regular patterns and colors for this paper, and is capable of producing it with customized patterns and colors.


  • Regular weight: 100 gsm
  • Regular size: 790mm x 550mm
  • Maximum size: 790mm x 550mm
  • Customization: available for size, color and design
  • Origin: Taiwan

Regular Colors

  • Red tone: Burgundy Embossed Paper Burgundy Dark Red Embossed Paper Dark Red Fire Brick Embossed Paper Fire Brick Salmon Pink Embossed Paper Salmon Pink Baby Pink Embossed Paper Baby Pink
  • Blue tone: Cool Mint Embossed Paper Cool Mint
  • Earth tone: Camel Embossed Paper Camel Wheat Embossed Paper Wheat
  • Green tone: Dark Green Embossed Paper Dark Green Dark Olive Green Embossed Paper Dark Olive Green
  • Yellow tone: Chrome Yellow Embossed Paper Chrome Yellow
  • Achromatic color: Black Embossed Paper Black White Embossed Paper White Cream Embossed Paper Cream
  • Custom colors: available by requests, based on a higher minimum order quantity

Regular Patterns

  • Animal skin: crocodile skin
  • Natural plants: wood grain, moss, netted rind of cantaloupe, cane basket, moso bamboo
  • Flowers: flowers of Tung tree, rose
  • Designed patterns: repeated round dots and grids, and customized designs case by case


  • Packaging: luxury gift box, shopping bag, wine box
  • Book covers: menu cover, notebook cover
  • Others: gift cards, gift wrapping paper, featured envelopes, red packet
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